For over 20 years, Data Development has been in the business of assisting Personal Injury, Contingency Fee Based Law Firms in the automation of their practices.

Tommy Sanders, founder and CEO of Data Development, Ltd., has developed and distributed a user defined software solution that assists in the everyday practice of law and practice management. Data Development has offices in Conroe, Texas.

"A software solution is not just a software package... It’s a tool that helps people manage and perform more effectively... Everyone in our company is involved in the design of our solutions. We get good ideas from our staff, but we listen to our clients first. They are working with the product and the practice of law everyday. Really, our clients have had the most input and deserve the most credit for the functionality that you see in our solutions. That’s the reason they work so well in the work place. Understanding that, is now, and will always be a primary consideration."

-Tommy J. Sanders, CEO


Corporate Headquarters

480 Charleston Park
Conroe, Texas 77302

Phone: (936) 273-0591
Fax: (936) 273-0592

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