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Download Plaintiff for Windows Demo

Note: You will need at least 32megabytes of RAM and 100 megabytes of available storage on your PC to install and run the demo!

Print this instruction page before you download.

Click here to download the demo

Self extracting file - WINDEMO.EXE

Setup Instructions (after you have downloaded the Demo):

Close all other Windows programs.
Click on your Start Button
Select Run
Click on the Browse Button
Select the directory in which you have downloaded the WINDEMO.EXE file
Click on the WINDEMO.EXE file
Click the Open Button
Now Click the OK Button
Follow the prompts to self extract the setup files.
The WINDEMO.EXE file will self extract into C:\PWINDEMO on your hard drive.

There are 5 demos associated with the WINDEMO.EXE file.

After the files are extracted The Plaintiff for Windows DEMO SETUP will load automatically!

The Setup Program will walk you through the rest of installation. Just follow the prompts

If you have any questions or need assistance with the installation call for Demo Support - Toll Free: 1-877-202-0235 or email

Running The Plaintiff for Windows Demos:

Double Click on the folder on your Desktop entitled "The Plaintiff for Windows Demos".

Now Double Click on the Demo you would like to see.

- or -

Click on your Start Button

Select The Plaintiff for Windows Demos (top section of Start menu!)

Select the Demo you would like to view


Instructions for running all demos are on the first slide.

Do not hesitate to call or email Data Development Support for assistance:

Phone: (936) 273-0591

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