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Q: How do I find the version number?
A: The version number is located in the About section of the Help menu in each module as well as on the login screen.

Q: Is there a backup function?
A: Yes, the backup function is included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program, Utility1.

Q: Does the system handle accounting functions?
A: Yes, the system includes an Accounts Payable and General Ledger module.

Q: Do I have to run the General Ledger if I run the Accounting Manager?
A: No, the Accounting Manager module can run independent of the General Ledger.

Q: Does the system have mail merge capabilities?
A: Yes, the system works in conjunction with Microsoft Word and WordPerfect to perform the mail merge function.

Q: Can I make global changes to the database for such things as Handling Attorney?
A: Yes, a Table Replace function that allows the user to globally change table driven items is included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program, Utility1.

Q: Can I do my 1099's on magnetic media?
A: The system integrates with a third party application for performing that function.

Q: Can I run multiple databases with a single program?
A: Yes, this is accomplished by changing the desired database location in the initialization file. Programs to expedite this function are contained in the system.

Q: Is it possible to recover a damaged data file?
A: Yes, many times a file can be repaired by running the Compact/Repair function that is included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program.

Q: Can I merge the financial transactions of two vendors together?
A: Yes, there is a merge vendor function included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program, Utility1.

Q: How do I change the primary plaintiff or defendant on a case?
A: From the Case Detail profile, point and right click on desired primary plaintiff or defendant name. Answer "yes" when prompted to change.

Q: How do I correct the vendor financial totals?
A: There is a "YTD ReCalc" function included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program, Utility1.

Q: Can my workstation check for updates and automatically install them?
A: Yes, this is part of the "AutoUp" program provided with the system. When the auto update feature is executed (Normally as part of the System Startup), The Plaintiff Law Office Software will check the current version installed on the machine and compare with the latest version available. Each update file that needs to be installed will be listed in a window. The user has an option at this point to Run the update or Exit the program.

Q: When I purge the Accounting Manager of prior year transactions, what effect does this have on the open cases.
A: The Case Management module maintains its own transactions. Therefore, there is no effect on an open case.

Q: Are there any changes to my file server when I install The Plaintiff Law Office Software?
A: A registry change is necessary ONLY when any workstation operating system is Windows 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP AND the file server is Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003.

Q: Can a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) address be used as well as a letter for drive mapping.
A: Yes, The Plaintiff Law Office Software will work with either.

Q: How do I change the Plaintiff or Defendant name?
A: From the Plaintiff or Defendant profile, point and right click on the heading "Plaintiff Name" or "Defendant Name" that will appear in blue.

Q: Can I design my own reports?
A: Yes, users can design their own reports via the third party software package Crystal Reports.

Q: What is the difference in the two types of check marks when marking my checks in the checkbook as having cleared the bank?
A: When using the Cleared Item Report in addition to the Bank Reconciliation it is necessary to mark the items with a different status than cleared. This is indicated with the standard check mark . An item that has cleared and is to be listed on the Cleared Item Report is indicated by a check mark with a line.

Q: Can I export The Plaintiff Law Office Software data to other formats?
A: Yes, any report in the system can be exported in various formats including but not limited to Adobe Acrobat (PDF), character separated, comma separated (CSV), data interchange (DIF), Excel (XLS), HTML, Lotus, ODBC, Paginated text, Rich Text (RTF), tab separated text, tab separated values, text and Word for Windows document.

Q: What is meant by the term "concurrent users"?
A: This term refers to the number of users signed into The Plaintiff for Law Office Software at the same time.

Q: Can I synchronize my PDA with The Plaintiff Law Office Software?
A: Yes, the scheduler module contains the function for synchronizing the Personal Address Book, Scheduler and ToDo Items with most Palm OSs.

Q: Can I create shortcuts on my desktop for modules in addition to the Case Management?
A: Yes, each module is designed to launch independent of the other. To add a shortcut, right click on your desktop, choose New and Shortcut, then browse to the c:\wplaint directory, select the appropriate directory, then select the program file for each short cut.

Q: What is a vendor primary General Ledger number?
A: This is the General Ledger account number that a majority of entries for this vendor would be coded. It is a default value that will appear during data entry. The user has the ability to override this value.

Q: Will the system warn me when an expense is on either a closed case or will result in total expenses exceeding the specified cost limit?
A: Preferences can be set in the Accounting Manager program to force the system to check for the exceeding of the cost limit as well as whether the case is closed. The system not only will warn but also will allow the expense provided this preference is selected.

Q: How do I get my outstanding checks into The Plaintiff for Law Office Software initially?
A: The Accounting Manager program has an "Open Item Load" option for this function. From the menu bar, select Edit, System Tables and Open Item Load.

Q: I incorrectedly voided a wrong check. Can I un-void it? If so, how?
A: To correct an incorrectly voided check, you must delete the check from the Checkbook and then re-enter with same information.

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