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Q: The program has many features. Do I have to buy it all?
A: No, the program is sold by concurrent use and by module so you only purchase what you need.

Q: What is meant by the term "concurrent use"?
A: This term refers to the number of users signed into The Plaintiff for Law Office Software at the same time.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Yes! We offer a money back guarantee.

Q: Can I add modules or user after my initial purchase?
A: Yes, it is easy to add user licenses or modules at any time.

Q: Is my data safe? Is there a backup function in the program?
A: Yes, the backup function is included as part of the Administrator System Utilities program, Utility1.

Q: Does the program support multiple check books or bank accounts?
A: Yes

Q: Can there be multiple Plaintiffs and/or Defendants on one Case or Matter?
A: Yes

Q: Does the program integrate with Quickbooks?
A: Yes, our Accounting Manager module integrates with Quickbooks.

Q: Is there a calendar in the program?
A: Yes, you may setup as many calendars as you like for firm staff members or resources like conference rooms. The Scheduler is included with the Case Management Modules.

Q: What if I only want the accounting functions and no Case Management?
A: We have a Case Lite version of the Case Management, which does little case management but facilitates a Case Ledger for each case. This version of the product integrates totally with our accounting modules and provides the same accounting functionality as the full Case Manager module.

Q: Does the program have reminders or ticklers?
A: Yes, there is a user preference to automatically be reminded to set or generate reminders on important dates. There is the ability to force reminders at anytime on important dates, against any entry in the case diary and when indexing a document, picture or other file against a case in the Document Manager module.

Q: Do I have to pay each month or year to use the program?
A: No, the License fee is a one time fee.

Q: What about program support?
A: A Support Agreement is recommended but not required. We have several support options: 1.) Full Support - Provides the user with unlimited phone calls to support and all program updates at no cost. 2.) Updates Only Support - Provides the user with all program updates at no cost and Pay By The Minute for phone support. 3.) Pay By The Minute Support Only - Does not include software updates.

Q: Does the program track Statute or Dates?
A: Yes Statute tracking and reporting is easy and highly flexible.

Q: What about Statute reminders?
A: The program will automatically generate, for one or multiple firm staff members, 30-60-90 day reminders and a reminder the day the statute runs.

Q: What about scanned documents or pictures? Can they be included in case data?
A: Scanned documents and pictures can be categorized and accessed through our Document Manager Module. This allows almost any type of Windows based data file to indexed against a case and accessed. Typical files which are indexed against cases include: scanned documents, pictures, all kids word processing documents, letters, pleadings, memos, Excel spread sheets, Power Point presentations, incoming and outgoing e-mails, faxes, etc.

Q: What Cost Recovery Systems is the Cost Recovery module compatible with?
A: Our program is compatible with CopiTrack by Controls Systems, Equitrac and other cost accumulation systems! Occasionally a minor modification is required either by our company or the cost accumulator transaction system provider. We are happy to provide interfaces for other systems upon request.

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