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Software Modules



Hardware Requirements


Pricing and Configuration

First, answer the following questions relative to what you want the software to accomplish:

How many users will be using the program at the same time?

Is Case Management important to you?

Is managing documents important to you?

Do you want to merge information like Client Name, Address, City, State, Zip, etc. into pre-created forms in your word processor?

Is managing pictures important to you?

Do you scan documents or pictures currently?

Is Accounting important to you?

Do you want to print checks through the system and automatically post the amounts to the clients ledger so you can recoup the costs?

Do you want to print Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Financial Statements?

Do you want to charge or Allocate Interest expense to your clients for the costs that you have advanced on their behalf?

Is Time & Billing an important issue for your firm?

Do you currently have a cost accumulation system like Equitracs or CopiTracs?

Then, call or e-mail Data Development with your answers for configuration assistance and pricing!

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